Modern timeless designs meets unique glass technology & durability in signature eyewear styles

Responsible luxury eyewear that is intended to be worn season after season, handmade in Japan

Exemplary sunglasses & frames that achieve unparalleled lightness through inner strength & puristic design

Luxury eyewear styles draw inspiration from the Swiss Maison's jewellery and watch collections

Eyewear that exceeds the precedent for luxurious frames, inspired by the Hublot watch intelligence

Styles that are inspired by luxury wristwatches, writing instruments, and other precious heirlooms

Eyewear that seeks to foster a dialogue between crafts and high-tech through subtly futuristic looks

Infusing technologies applied to aerospace, automotive & biomedical industry in the eyewear world

Combining avant-garde design with extravagant materials making each eye frame a piece of art