Q: What is NeuPass?

A: NeuPass is your access to a power-packed membership programme where you shop, order food, book your travel and a lot more, while being rewarded for it. NeuPass rewards you with NeuCoins that you can earn and use across multiple brands. Get a minimum of 5% assured NeuCoins, exclusively on TataNeu.

Q: What are NeuCoins? What can I do with them?

A: NeuCoins are the universal reward points that you can earn and use on TataNeu & it's partner brands. You can earn NeuCoins and use them while shopping, making hotel & flight bookings, ordering food, and so much more. 1 NeuCoin = ₹1

Q: What are the rewards & benefits I get with NeuPass?

A: NeuPass rewards you for every purchase made on TataNeu. You'll earn minimum 5% assured NeuCoins on each order when you're shopping, ordering food, booking travel and a lot more! Use your NeuCoins across multiple brands on TataNeu. 1 NeuCoin = ₹1

Q: Do I get NeuCoins on transactions done on both Tata Neu & Brand?

A: You will get minimum 5% assured NeuCoins on all Beauty, Fashion and Luxury transactions via Tata Neu app or web. On shopping on Tata CLiQ, for every ₹10,000 spent, you earn:

- 15 NeuCoins for Electronics

- 40 NeuCoins for Fashion

- 40 NeuCoins for Beauty

- 25 Neucoins for Luxury

Q: Why have my loyalty memberships with various brands been merged under NeuPass?

A: We know you love your memberships with our partner brands, so we've brought them all together with NeuPass. Now, you can earn and use your NeuCoins across our partner brands.

Q: What happens to my existing rewards, points and membership benefits?

A: They move with you! You can continue to enjoy your existing rewards, NeuCoins, and benefits from various brands, on TataNeu and its partner brands. Your current points will get merged into your NeuCoins balance and your membership privileges from our partner brands will also continue. The terms of your membership with the partner brand will also continue to hold good.

Q: How can I earn NeuCoins?

A: You can earn NeuCoins through eligible transactions on TataNeu.

Q: How can I use my NeuCoins?

A: "You can use your NeuCoins on a bunch of things including:

- AirAsia India flight bookings

- bigbasket Orders

- Purchases on Croma, Westside

- Stays, dining, bar & spa spends at IHCL hotels

- Shopping on Tata CLiQ

- Medicines, doctor consultation and lab tests on 1mg

- Order food on Qmin

If you are shopping online, you can use your NeuCoins by selecting Tata Pay as the payment method. If you are shopping in-store, you can inform the cashier that you'd like to pay with your NeuCoins. NeuCoins can only be used on eligible transactions as defined by the individual brands and the NeuCoins with the closest expiry date will be used up first so that you can get the most out of your rewards"

Q: When will my NeuCoins expire?

A: Your NeuCoins expire 365 days after your last transaction involving an eligible earn or use of NeuCoins (even if it’s just one NeuCoin earned or used). During special promotions, you might also earn additional NeuCoins. The expiry of these NeuCoins will be mentioned at the time of issuance.

Q: How do I check my NeuCoins balance on TataNeu?

A: That’s easy. Just visit the TataNeu app or website and look for your NeuCoins balance on the TataNeu homepage

Q: Do I need to have an existing membership of any particular brands to get NeuPass?

A: No, that’s not required. Everyone is welcome to sign up for NeuPass

Q: Are there any charges to sign up for NeuPass?

A: No, it’s rewarding all the way! There are no charges whatsoever for getting NeuPass

I am a non-resident Indian (NRI). Can I still sign up for NeuPass?      Yes, absolutely! NeuPass is available to everyone. Be sure to review the privacy laws that apply to you, when you sign up.

Q: I am not an Indian citizen. Can I still sign up for NeuPass?

A: Yes, you can certainly sign up for NeuPass. Do make sure to review the privacy laws that apply to you when you sign up.

Q: How long does it take for NeuCoins to be deducted after I use them?

A: If the transaction is successful, then NeuCoins are deducted immediately from your account

Q: My transaction failed, but NeuCoins got deducted from my account. What do I do?

A: If the transaction has failed, then the corresponding NeuCoins will be refunded to your account within 24 hours.

Q: Is there a way I can get back my expired NeuCoins?

A: No, as of now, there is no way to reverse expired NeuCoins into your account.

Q: Will I receive a statement about my NeuCoins?

A: Yes, to ensure total clarity we will send you a monthly statement on your registered email address.

Q: What happens to my NeuCoins if I cancel or return a product?  

A: If you cancel or return any order that you had paid for with NeuCoins, your NeuCoins will be refunded to you. Also, any NeuCoins you had earned on that order will be deducted from your balance.

Q: By when will my NeuCoins be credited to me, after my purchase?

A: NeuCoins will be credited to your account once your return window or travel booking is completed. Until then, the NeuCoins will be shown as 'Locked' in your account. You can refer to individual brand terms on return & booking policy

Q: Are there any orders/booking for which NeuCoins are not awared?

A: NeuCoins are awarded on only eligible orders/bookings. You can check the list of eligible order/bookings in the FAQs section of the respective brand